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Poohsticks Evolution

This is a story for Al Forbes Sunday Photo Fiction. If you don’t know what Poohsticks are, you can read about them here.

Poohsticks Evolution

When I was young, my sister and I played Poohsticks behind our house.

Then Chemicorp moved in and soon the stream smoked with acidic fog. We’d grab our gas masks and go play on the bridge with altered rules: last stick to dissolve was the winner.

Then the Earth was destroyed, thank you very much Vogons, and we lived on a small asteroid, spinning wildly around the sun, waving at our neighbors if we passed close by in the debris field. We’d throw pebbles off; first one to orbit the asteroid and hit us in the back of the head was the winner.

Now that we’ve gotten scooped up by space giants and put in a zoo, they throw us into a river of mud and shoot mutant ferrets at us as we float under a bridge a mile high.

But I still beat my sister more than half the time.

Blogging Games – Fictional Characters Edition

The nice thing about a blog is it’s your space to do with as you want. I mostly write fiction, but I don’t limit myself to that. And sometimes I like to do something random.

Like these guys.

Like these guys.

So here’s a game for you. In the comments, write the name of a fictional character.

The first comment has to think of one starting with A, then B, and so on, all the

way to Z. If we get there, we win. You can comment as many times as you want,

but you can’t do two in a row. Them’s the rules. Also, I won’t do more than one, since this is for you all.

To make it more interesting, the magic letters are F, S, and Z. If you are the person to give a name for one of these (keep it in alphabetical order, of course), I’ll feature your blog or website in an upcoming post.

Ready, set, go!

Minecrack – The Confessions of a Recent Addict

When my good friend Mike finally got me into Minecraft, I went into it like someone who decides to take up recreational heroin. Of course, that was also the reason why I resisted buying it for so long: I knew it was insanely addictive. And now that I have it, it is exactly as addictive as I had expected, although in a good way (unlike heroin, in case someone thought this was a convoluted endorsement of hard drugs). Now, I find that anytime I have trouble writing or am just feeling too tired, the lure of the game beckons me. However, despite the slight loss in productivity, I still don’t feel that lingering feeling of regret when I finish playing, like that sour feeling you get when you eat an entire bag of gummy bears in one sitting (hypothetically). Here’s why:

Here is how I imagine the real Green-Walled Tower.

Here is how I imagine the real Green-Walled Tower.

1. It’s Totally Creative: drool… This is the kind of program I have been looking for for a long time. This is the reason that I want to have a room full of Legos someday. A very long time ago, I had a Lego computer program that was similar, except nowhere near as powerful. After one house, the landscape started disappearing as the computer ran out of memory. But now, I can create almost anything that comes into my mind. And believe me, I can come up with some pretty freaky stuff. The only sticking point is time, since I like things big and you still have to place every block individually. Currently I’m working on a setting from the first novel I ever wrote. It’s a pool, surrounded by five temples, on top of a fortified hill, in a huge city in a deep cleft of a valley. After about an hour or so, I’m almost finished the pool.

Green-Walled Tower - moonlight.png

2. It’s Open-Ended: I’m using both the creative mode to make the aforementioned pool/city, but also playing in survival mode, where you have to find food and not get killed by monsters. It is way better than most games because you can manipulate everything . Currently, I’m at the bottom of an abandoned mineshaft with monsters all around. In a normal game, I’d have to fight my way out to get back to my house and recharge. Not in Minecraft. There, I can block off a shelter, dig it out bigger, make a crafting table and make more weapons and armor, even smelt ore into metals, all while I’m stuck at the bottom of a mine. I can make my own staircases or ladders, dig straight in any directions or basically do anything I want.

The upper room, where the creative magic happens.

The upper room, where the creative magic happens.

I realize I’m late in the game (as usual with technology; I just got a smart phone a few months ago) and that over half the world has already played Minecraft. But to those few out there who haven’t played it, I would just say that it’s awesomely creative and awesomely addictive. I’m still exploring what I can do, but I would like to make stories and set them in a Minecraft world that I create, recording the whole thing on video. So we’ll see. You never know what will come out of the Green-Walled Tower.

Green-Walled Tower - sunset.png

The Hallway Games – Friday Fictioneers

This is my first foray into the world of the Friday Fictioneers, and I’m excited. Thank you Amy for inviting me. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Friday Fictioneers, it’s a flash-fiction group that writes 100-word stories every week, based around a photo prompt.

Click here to look at some more stories based on this picture.

The tension in the air was palpable. Donald looked down at his brother Brad, sitting on the skateboard and wearing a battered football helmet.

“Are you ready?” Donald asked. Brad nodded.

With a jolt, they were off, Donald propelling Brad in front of him. At Room 301, he let go and Brad took off, the skateboard vibrating wildly under him.

Senior citizens stood in their doorways, waving canes and cheering as he rocketed past. “Go, Brad, go!”

He started to slow. Room 312 . . . 313 . . . 314. Brad stopped and they cheered louder. “A new record!”


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