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Currents Run Deep

Currents Run Deep

Triliton’s mining ship the Ocean Duchess set sail from Dover with the mission to strip mine the ocean floor. It was carrying a new machine that extracted all nutrients and left only bare rock behind. It was also carrying a saboteur.

<Five days later>

“They got Tre!” Joy said at the Ecological Army headquarters. “They caught him setting the dynamite.”

“Is he alive?” Nel asked.

“They brought him into a small room for a couple hours. He’s unrecognizable now. Here’s a picture I stole from a security camera.” She turned her iPad.

“Bastard!” Nel squinted. “I never thought I’d see Tre in a suit. Is that a Mercedes he’s driving?”

“Yep. They made him the Director of Environmental Affairs. Six figures. He won’t return my calls.”

“It just shows the evil we’re up against.”

<Five years later>

Joy could barely restrain from punching Tre when he turned up late one night at her apartment.

“How could you, Tre?” she demanded. “You sold yourself to the enemy.”

“Haven’t you been getting my donations?” he asked. “They were anonymous, but I thought you’d figure it out. Plus, the mission is finished.” He flipped on the TV.


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